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  Weekly Message from Rabbi A. M. Sufrin MBE

Dear Friends,

We have returned from an inspiring annual conference of Chabad Rabbis & Shluchim held in NY last weekend. Being in the company of some 3000 Rabbis & colleagues is inspiring in itself. However, returning home to inspire is what is the key….

This week we read the portion of “Toldos” – “generations”. The well-known story of the twins Jacob & Esau is taught from an early age to our young, at home, in our Cheder classes & school. But really what makes them so different and what do we learn now from this story as we re-read the episode again this week?

It has been said that the difference between a healthy person and an unhealthy person is that the former is working on his issues, while the latter is resigned to them. How did Jacob and Esau end up so different? Same parents, same upbringing, same mother's milk, and yet so drastically different from each other that they become the paradigm of all of literature's accounts of "the evil twin."

Esau is born red and as hairy as an adult, and so he remains: Edom—red, intense, driven, violent. And so he remains his entire life, static & never prepared to face his brother the enemy and work things out.

Jacob is born with his issues as well. Timid, a bookworm, happy to stay at home, yet he is willing to acknowledge and confront Esau. He dresses up in Esau's garb and tells his father he will hunt meat. Jacob stares Esau in the eye. It's scary but he succeeds Jacob succeeds, impressing his father enough to secure the blessing, and then is left alone to deal with his new self. 

We all have our issues, our places we'd rather not go. The easiest way is to just let them be. Uncovering wounds only seems to evoke painful feelings. Yet if we don't address our issues, we simply drift along. This is the difference between  Jacob and Esau, each had their "other side"; Jacob was willing to acknowledge his and deal with it, while Esau chose to ignore it.

Lets us learn and act… have a wonderful Shabbat and successful week to follow



Chabad Events Team (CET) is a small committee formed to deliver 3/4 events a year which will raise funds for Chabad NE.
In this past year we have held 4 extremely successful events.     
  • Our annual sports event "An Evening with  Barry Silkman and Mark Lazarus " which was very well attended and enjoyed by all present.     This was an evening of good company, good food, speakers with interesting tales to tell,  many of which you had not known about previously and lots of humour.   Keep your eyes out for the next one to be held next year.
  • Whiskey Tasting - what's not to like, great whiskeys to taste, questions to answer (best done before you've had the whiskey), tasty food and brilliant company.     We are holding this year's event at Chabad Buckhurst Hill on 19th September.   Put the date in your diary and book your place NOW by ringing 020 8554 1624. This event is dedicated to the treasured memory of Rabbi Moshe Muller z'l.   Who found the "spirit" in everything he did.
  • Quiz Evening - a must for everyone who loves a good competitive atmosphere.    The questions covered lots of topics from easy to those which had your searching deep into your memories for the answers.     Again we will be running this very popular event next year so keep your eyes open for the information.
  • Panel and Q & A Evening on anti-semitism.    We recently held this community event with over 160 people in attendance.   With a great panel Hosted by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE ,Chaired by Cllr Alan Weinberg MBE and comprising of Wes Streeting MP Ilford North; Arieh Miller Zionist Federation; Russell Langer Jewish Leadership Council and Rony Yedidia-Clein Israeli Embassy with many community leaders in the audience this was an extremely stimulating evening with a topic which is of great importance to all of us.    We are hoping to hold more of these community interest events in the forthcoming year........ Any ideas for topics please let us know
  • Wine tasting evening .............. this will be something new for us and we will keep you informed when details are confirmed
None of this could be achieved without the help of the fantastic CET committee - Laurel and Graham Nygate; Gary Boorman; Leah Shamplin; Pippa Land and Mandi Dobias and the support of Rabbi Sufrin MBE and Brian Mitchell.

Hazel Weinberg



moshe 2 350.jpg 
It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss
of our dear colleague and
friend Rabbi Moshe Muller z"l.

Our thoughts and prayers are with
Mrs Brocha Muller and their entire family.

To help support the Muller family,
please click here.


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